100 School Challenge

Help us test the impact of a Year 3 cross age peer tutoring interventions. 
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Choose a YEar 3 peer Tutoring programme to test in your school

Everything you need to implement and evaluate the intervention

Register for free to test the KS2 mathematics peer tutoring programme in your school. Select the intervention based on the needs of your pupils for a targeted Year 3 cross-age peer tutoring intervention delivered by your own Year 5 pupils. If your learners require support in multiplication and division, sign up to the free course and use our flexible approach to CPD delivery to  fit around your busy schedule. We provide the resources and guidance to implement and evaluate the impact of the intervention in your school. 
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100% Free 

Join the 100 challenge at no cost to your school. 

Join a cohort of peers

Be 1 in 100 teachers piloting the same intervention. 

School licence functionality 

Free access to our school licence features on WhatWorked in your own private course.

Implementation guidance

Expert guidance to implement the intervention and all the resources needed to deliver in your school.


Choose from three types of evaluation and we complete the analysis of your data to measure the impact of the intervention. 

Become evidence creators

The data from the mini-randomised controlled trials aggregate from each of the schools to help build our evidence base.




Year 3 Learners


Year 5 Peer Tutors 

Try the FREE Year 3 Multiplication and Division peer tutoring programme

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Frequently asked questions

When can I start the intervention?

The programme is designed to be flexible to fit around your time commitments and school activities. The intervention involves six 20 - 25 minute peer tutoring sessions and you will need to schedule a peer tutor training session prior to starting. If you choose to use the 2 star pre- post-test or 3 star mini-RCT, we ask you to register in advance so that we can analyse your data. As long as you register, you can start the intervention at any time in the summer term. 

Is this free?

Yes, we have no commitments to purchase the school licence when this is released in June 2022. We are just keen to find out if schools will test peer tutoring interventions as we believe the research evidence shows this strategy is a good bet as a potential high impact intervention and currently few schools are using this approach. 

How much time will the course take?

The programme is set up using micro-lecture style videos and teachers completing the programme at present are spending on average 45 minutes to work through the planning stage, download the relevant resources and register their evaluation. We have included a checklist explaining the key components based on previous user feedback, so you can see which videos are relevant depending on your choice of evaluation. 
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