100 Challenge (Free) KS2 Year 3 Multiplication and division cross-age peer tutoring (UK)

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  • Level
    KS2 Year 3
  • Subject
  • Topic
     Multiplication and division
  • Number of lessons
  • Time per lesson
    20 minutes 
  • Peer Tutors
    Year 5
  • Evidence base
    Pilot stage

What's included?

  • Step by step guidance
  • 3 evaluation options
  • Peer tutoring resources 
  • Anonymised data files 
  • Impact report templates 

Analysis and impact report for your school 

If you decide to use the mini-RCT evaluation for your intervention, we will complete the analysis for you so that you can see how the intervention has worked in your school. You can then add this into the impact report template for either your own professional development or school improvement planning.

Contribute to the evidence base

We will able to aggregate the results together to get a bigger picture of the results from across schools to help inform other teachers on the  effectiveness of the intervention. 

Course Lessons

Evidence base

PCM Evidence Base

Initial pilot for the intervention found that, on average, the mathematics skills for the multiplication and division topic of pupils who received the intervention improved at a faster rate than the pupils in the control group. The tutees effect size of 1.79 is large and demonstrates that the intervention had a positive impact on pupil attainment.  Please see the blog post 'Summer Term 2 pilot update' for the data and we must be cautious with the findings until further schools replicate the intervention and we release the first version of the cumulative meta-analysis in the Autumn term 2022. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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