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EdTech Standards of Evidence (Teachers)

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Are you interested in using technology in your classroom but not sure how to evaluate the evidence of its effectiveness? Our new FREE course "EdTech Standards of Evidence" is perfect for you.

Attention Teachers

Are you curious about the impact of technology on student learning but not sure how to evaluate its effectiveness? Our new course "EdTech Standards of Evidence" is perfect for you. This course will teach you how to determine if a product has been shown to be effective in similar educational contexts and make an informed decision about whether or not to use it in your own classroom. Enrol now and take the first step towards an evidence-based approach to EdTech in your teaching. The course is free for teachers and includes a completion certificate.
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How will the course help you as a teacher?

Develop your knowledge

Learn the key concepts in research design.

On-demand learning

Learn whenever you have time using our online course.

Become a critical consumer

Learn to apply your knowledge to question the evidence of EdTech products. 

96 minutes

We use micro-lectures to explain key concepts. The duration of the course is 96 minutes!

Make evidence informed decisions

Use the EdTech standards to help you make evidence informed decisions about how to improve teaching and learning in your own context.

Completion certificate

Download the completion certificate for your CPD or teacher training standards.
“After 30 years of teaching I've never found a model which helps me become less of a digital evangelist and more of a digital realist! I worked with Oldham Research School on the Edtech Demonstrator Programme during the pandemic, supporting schools in developing their digital maturity. We applied the EEF change model to digital projects to answer the ‘So what?’ question. This will be a boon to the work I do with multi-academy trusts. You’ve gone much further so thank you.”
5 Star rating - John Sibbard
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