About us

In education, teachers and policy makers are constantly implementing new interventions to try to improve the educational outcomes of learners. Yet, rarely do we stop and ask the questions "are these effective?" and "what evidence do we have to decide if they are effective?"

WhatWorked are launching our website to help schools use evidence informed interventions which are sustainable and build capacity within the education system. 

Our programmes are designed to help educators create a robust evidence base, supercharging CPD to allow teachers and schools to run robust evaluations to find out what worked and for who. Through an innovative approach to evidence generation we can find out how effective interventions are for your pupils and then aggregate the results across schools and countries to find out how well they typically work.

Our Mission and Vision

  • Mission

    We believe that evidence is an essential ingredient of the knowledge base for teaching. Knowing what worked, for whom, in other schools and for other teachers can inform our decisions about how to improve teaching and learning in our own context.

  • Vision

    To empower educators to become evidence creators rather than consumers, by developing a live evidence base for practitioners to use to support their professional judgements when implementing interventions.

  • COVID promise

    To support schools to create capacity for delivering interventions without increasing pressures on teachers and make a positive impact on children affected by the COVID pandemic.

Meet the team

Dr Wayne Harrison


Wayne is a former science teacher from the North East of England. He developed a tech start up company while completing his MA in research methods before completing his PhD at Durham University.

Prof Steve Higgins


Steve is a Professor of Education at Durham University and author of numerous educational books, chapters and research articles. He was previously a primary school teacher in the north east of England.

Our Statistical A Team

Maths Wizards

We have a dedicated team of mathematical wizards working to analyse your data and create the PCM evidence base.