Nov 24

Is reading a key priority for your school?

Artificial intelligence is beginning to make its presence felt in education. One of the first intruders, seems likely to turn out to be very useful indeed, Microsoft's Reading Progress listens to children reading out loud and spots mispronunciations.

By setting children reading assignments in Microsoft Teams teachers can now get a sense of children's verbal reading speed and accuracy. Previously this is only achievable by listening to each student in turn, currently something so time consuming it's not possible to do regularly for all children.

Free resource for schools using Microsoft Teams

If your school uses Microsoft and in particular Teams, you have free access to the Microsoft Reading Progress. Rather than explain how this works in detail, Microsoft have released a free educator short course and a link is included at the end of this post.

The software now has noise cancellation technology and will soon release an AI powered function to incorporate words that learners struggle with which have been identified by the software and write the text for the next reading task, incorporating these challenging words.

Helping schools to test the effectiveness of the software

At WhatWorked Education, we are supporting schools in the Spring term to set up a short evaluation of the Microsoft Reading Progress. The trial is easy to implement and involves no teacher marking with all data anonymised for the analysis and an impact report created for your school.

If you are keen to implement and test the Reading Progress software, please contact us here.

The Microsoft free short course for teachers can be found here.
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