WhatWorked Teachers

Teachers trying out ideas to improve their pupils’ learning, using a simple, tried and trusted method to find out if it makes a difference. 

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Write your awesome label here.

Easy to use and it is free

WhatWorked Teachers is a free service for teachers to support you to evaluate potential high impact low cost interventions in your school. Watch the introduction video to find out more then visit our site to sign up. 

Empowering teachers to create evidence of what works

Free to use 

Sign up to test an intervention in your school for free. 

Time efficient

We appreciate that time is the most important resource for teachers, so all trials are designed to be set up in less than an hour.

Robust evaluations

Step-by-step guidance to set up, implement and evaluate the intervention in your school. 

Automated analysis

Input your anonymised data and we take care of the stats!

Impact report

Generate a report at the end of your trial to immediately find out the impact of the intervention in your school. 

Build knowledge

Your anonymised data aggregates to build a cumulative evidence base for each intervention. 
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Join us to help build a teacher led evidence base

We are building a community of teachers to help us on our mission to help teachers find out what works. Register now to join our network and access live events, resources and suggest interventions that we can add to the platform.
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