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EdTech Research Impact 

It is important for EdTech companies to test the effectiveness of their products because this helps ensure that the technology and resources they provide are actually improving educational outcomes for students. Evaluating product effectiveness can also help EdTech companies identify areas for improvement and make necessary updates to their products to better serve their users. Additionally, demonstrating the effectiveness of their products through testing can increase customer confidence and support for the company, which can lead to increased adoption and growth.

This FREE course will introduce you to the key research concepts used in the development of the EdTech Impact Quality Framework and help you to evaluate the strength of the evidence for your product.. 
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What's included?

  • Introduction to the framework
  • Short and concise micro-lectures
  • Apply your knowledge on the key concepts 
  • Sign posting to best practice 
  • Option to schedule a one to one 30 minute call 

Build strong foundations

Learn how education is moving towards an evidence based and informed profession and why EdTech need to evaluate the evidence of their products. 

Develop your knowledge 

The on-demand micro-lectures help you to build your knowledge of research design and methods. The couse is designed to be short and impactful, providng you the foundational knowledge to support you to evaluate the strength of the evidence of your EdTech products..

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Dr Wayne Harrison

Wayne graduated as a science teacher in 2004, teaching in schools in the North East of England. After a career in teaching, he was awarded a 1+3 scholarship at Durham University to complete an MA in Research Methods and a PhD focused on evidence based education. 

Wayne has a keen interest in EdTech, after previously managing the projects to build two online peer tutoring platforms to help disadvantaged learners access one to one tuition. 

When he is not talking about evidence in education, he enjoys spending time with his family and fishing at his local lake.  
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