Stop and think before implementing an intervention

#Are these effective? | #What evidence do we have to decide if they are effective?

We will help you develop your knowledge to become a research active educator.
Learn the skills to plan, implement, test and evaluate interventions in your school.
Research and Evidence 

Developing an evidence base with teachers

In education, teachers and policy makers are constantly implementing new interventions to try to improve the educational outcomes of learners. But rarely do we stop and ask the questions "are these effective?" and "what evidence do we have to decide if they are effective?"

WhatWorked is specifically designed to help schools use evidence informed interventions which are sustainable and build capacity within the education system. 

Our programmes are designed to help educators create a robust evidence base, supercharging CPD to allow teachers and schools to run high quality evaluations to find out what worked and for who. Through an innovative approach to evidence generation, we can find out how effective interventions are for your pupils and then aggregate the results across schools and countries to find out how well they typically work.

Peer Tutoring 

"Peer tutoring approaches have been shown to have a positive impact on learning, with an average positive effect equivalent to approximately five additional months’ progress within one academic year. Studies have identified benefits for both tutors and tutees, and for a wide range of age groups" (EEF, 2023).

Take a look at the FREE peer tutoring programmes in the intervention section of our website. These include step-by-step guidance to implement the programme, resources, assessments and an analysis of the data for your school. 
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launching Spring 2024

Brand New School Evidence Website 

We are launching our new School Evidence website in the Spring of 2024 to help teachers to become co-creators of evidence and find out what works and does not in schools.

Each intervention in the evidence base is supported by step-by-step guidance to help teachers to implement and evaluate the intervention in their school. The anonymised data is analysed by the WhatWorked data team and the teacher receives an impact report. 

The data then aggregates to create a robust cumulative evidence base, allowing teachers to make evidence informed decisions on which interventions may be the best bets to use in the context of their own school. 

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