An evidence-informed approach to interventions

WhatWorked is the essential guide to support teachers who are looking to increase their impact in the classroom. Our aim is to help teachers to test interventions which work in your school and then share these with fellow professionals, to create a WhatWorked evidence base of what does and doesn't work in primary and secondary classrooms.

We have developed a series of professional development training to support teachers to understand evidence based education, design and test an intervention in your school before releasing the intervention onto the WhatWorked evidence base for fellow teachers to test.  In response to helping schools in the recovery from the impact of the COVID pandemic, we are starting with two strategies which are robustly supported by research and build capacity within the education system.

Peer tutoring interventions appear to have a positive impact on learning, with an average effect equivalent to five month's progress. The research evidence demonstrates benefits for both the tutor and tutee.

Teaching assistants (TA) best practice has been published by the EEF, with a targeted approach to interventions highlighted as making positive impacts. Therefore, we will be piloting a range of small group learning interventions which are delivered by your teaching assistants.

The peer tutoring and TA programmes are designed to provide bespoke guidance to teachers on how to implement and evaluate the interventions. Each programme provides all the resources required to deliver the intervention in your school, guidance on implementation, pre and post-assessments and anonymised data spreadsheets. Once you have completed the programme, our maths wizards complete the analysis for your school.

Through an innovative approach to evidence generation, we can find out how effective interventions are for your pupils and then aggregate the results across schools and countries to find out how well they typically work.

How we work

  • Easy to implement

    The programmes take you step by step through the process on how to implement the intervention. We understand time is a rare commodity for teachers, so we provide all the resources required to deliver the intervention in your school.

  • Evaluate the intervention

    Each programme has been created to allow you to use robust research designs for the evaluation. We take care of the design and analysis, so all you have to control is the implementation of the intervention.

  • Building an evidence base

    Once your data is analysed, we will provide you with the effect size to show if the intervention has worked or if this has not. The data from your school will then aggregate with other schools who have replicated the intervention, creating a cumulative meta-analysis for the effect of the intervention.