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EdTech Impact 

EdTech Impact, the leading marketplace for schools purchasing EdTech, has launched an ambitious framework and badges to drive edtech quality and transparency worldwide.
WhatWorked Education are a founding partner for the Researched Impact strand, joining EDDS, EAF and Wikit in developing the global EdTech quality framework.

Supporting EdTech to develop robust evidence

We provide three main services to help you develop your evidence base


Bespoke feasibility study with up to 4 schools, in-depth process evaluation, impact analysis and report to inform if your product should progress to the mini-RCT evaluation. 

Research Design for

Unique mini-RCT protocol, multiple schools, data analysis, process evaluation and impact report. Data from each school aggregates into a cumulative evidence base. 

Comprehensive Impact Study

Multiple mini-RCT protocols (x3), data analysis, process evaluation and impact report. Unlimited school replication in a 12 month period with data aggregating into a cumulative evidence base. 

Client Spotlight: Eedi

We are supporting Eedi to develop an evidence base for impact and testing the effectiveness of their product in schools. Take a look at the impact report published in June 2023 to see how we are using small scale RCTs to develop a cumulative evidence base.
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We are launching version 2 of the EdTech Framework in July 2023 as part of EdTech Impact.  

Learn how to use the framework

Learn how you can use the FREE framework to evaluate the quality of evidence of educational technology products and support your business. 
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Why should I take this course?

It is important for EdTech companies to test the effectiveness of their products because this helps ensure that the technology and resources they provide are actually improving educational outcomes for students. Evaluating product effectiveness can also help EdTech companies identify areas for improvement and make necessary updates to their products to better serve their users. Additionally, demonstrating the effectiveness of their products through testing can increase customer confidence and support for the company, which can lead to increased adoption and growth.

This FREE course will introduce you to key research knowledge to use the EdTech Researched Impact framework to evaluate the strength of the evidence for your product.. 

We have launched a FREE course to help the EdTech industry develop a robust evidence base for impact.

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